I am Tyler Poulin, the elected candidate running for Member of Parliament for the Calgary – Rocky Ridge riding.

When I first became a tradesman, my goal was to work hard and to build myself up to a point where I could support a family, just like my honest parents did.  Unfortunately, things are not straight forward in this day and age.  As much as I appreciate Canada being one of the best countries in the world, I am afraid we are losing the traditional values that made Canada, Canada.  I cannot sit still to watch or to wait to see what will happen.  I must participate.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel, the People’s Party of Canada.  This is why I am here today.

I may just be a journeyman without thousands of dollars to fund my campaign, unlike the other established parties. My real world experience taught me the values of hard work and true compassion. I may have little experience in politics but I am part of the grassroots, the essence of the People’s Party.  I see the world through everyday citizens’ eyes,  not the lens of established politicians. Therefore, I recommend myself as your candidate and I promise I will listen to you and to do my best to represent you and your ideas.

If you have the same concerns and would like to see change, please join me to take this first step of a long battle by supporting the Calgary Rocky Ridge EDA. I welcome your questions, thoughts and comments. See below for a comprehensive contact list to contact or follow myself, the local EDA, Maxime Bernier, Headquarters and more.

I am looking forward to meeting hearing from all of you in the coming months.

Your PPC Rocky Ridge Candidate Hopeful,

Tyler Poulin

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